J★RYU's "Invicta" custom Androids for Dragatomi's SDCC 2012 custom Android blind-box series

Alright folks... what kinda tom-foolery do we have here? Is it magic? Is it voodoo? Nope, it's just J★RYU slaying another few customs!!! This time around Jesse shows off his customs for the upcoming Android blind-box series that Dragatomi is putting together for SDCC 2012... and no your eyes are not deceiving you, that "Ghost Girl" is really floating inside that Android figure!!! Titled "Invicta" - which is Latin for undefeated - Jesse created 5 of these bad boys, all of which will be randomly inserted into custom made boxes and sold for $80 a pop. There are going to be over 50 pieces in total for this series, from over 25 different artists... so at least you all know that you have a 5/50 chance of getting one of these amazing customs.

I know what you are thinking... "how did he do that?", well if you need more proof that Jesse sold his soul to create these, he sent over the above video for us to post... and as you can see, these are the real deal!!! Oh, and not only is that floating 'Ghost Girl' super impressive, check out how each one has a tiny sculpted skeleton inside as well as some very intricate filigree on the tops of each figure. Amazing work as always from Jesse... the only problem now is that this just leaves us wanting to see more customs from this series!!!!

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