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"Cloto - 132" an edition of 5 'Kaiju Melt monsters' from HonkeyLips & Topheroy

Hey, it's Mother's Day... but that does not mean toys can't release today!!!! Kevin Herdeman aka HonkeyLips just announced that he will be releasing a limited run of 5 custom painted 'Kaiju Melt monsters'! Affectionately titled "Cloto - 132 (1-5)" this edition was painted up by Christopher Douglass aka Topheroy in a fantastic array of metallic colors... in fact, from the top down they look gold, and from the bottom up they look magenta... just look at that figure, it's AWESOME!!! All 5 will be available HERE at 10pm EST... so 7pm PST, but heed my words when I say go a little bit early and refresh, as these will sell out in a blink of an eye!

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