The AMAZING works of Seymour for his upcoming 3-man show "The Emporium" @ Strychnin Gallery 06/08/2012

We just got a really awesome update from Peter Kelk aka Seymour about his upcoming show at Strychnin Gallery... which by the way is a group show with Doktor A. and Skeleton Heart... that being said, he sent over a plethora of pictures showcasing his awesome work... and by awesome I mean what a massive bunch of circus sideshow curiosities, freaks, clowns, buskers, brawlers, showmen, and con men. Peter tells us that all of the pieces that he creates are 100% hand sculpted using clays and resins and then painted, and come cased in 17cm high acrylic domes. All pieces are 1/1 originals... RAD!!! The pieces will be available through Strychnin Gallery, and the presale should be going online starting Wednesday, June 6th HERE... so for all us outta towners, this is for us!!!

"The Emporium" is set to open on June 8th, and as you can see from all the pictures in this post, Seymour has a very distinct style, and he carries it over to each and every piece he creates... and there are a ton of them. With names like "Pot Belly Pete", One Wheeler Willie", Benjamin Bumble Brain", "Bobo Jojo", Dr. Jerry", and "Gumball Gary"... one can only transport themselves to this side show in their minds, lending to the fun and excitement that each character offers! If you are living in or around the Berlin, Germany area... don't miss this show, and if the photos above are any indication of what to expect... you will be a fool if you miss it!!!

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