Update on Ron English x 1xRUN's "Revelations Book II" hand-stenciled 2xLP!

We'd previously divulged that the fine folks over at 1xRUN had been plotting & planning to release a limited series of hand-stenciled copies of "Revelations Book II" by Ron English, but now all the specifics have rolled on in to be revealed for your pleasure. There will be four colorways of this release, the color indicating the dominant tonality of the finished 8-layer stencil painting: Green, Orange, Silver and Gold. Both silver & gold will be limited to 8 copies while green & orange will be only 7 copies each, but all versions will come with the above pictured signed Certificate Of Authenticity. They will be released HERE on Wednesday, April 18th at 12 Noon EST and all copies — regardless of color — will cost $1500 each.

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