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Skinner x Jay222 - H.P. Lovecraft "Figure-A-Month" release... "Shoggoth Slaves" dropping 04/30/2012

So who's ready for another H.P. Lovecraft inspired piece designed by artists Jay222 and Skinner... I know I am, and for this "Figure-A-Month" release... those two continue with the monster goodness know as "Shoggoth Slaves"!!! Skinner goes on to explain "The Elder Things needed someone or some "Thing" to carry out their mundane duties and such...What does an Elder Scientist do? make a race of hideous amorphous and submissive slaves...a roiling mass of hideous subservient intent...well A Shoggoth can only put up with so many millenia of slavery and then well..an uprising of course!! Shoggoth Slaves can get together and take over the massive psyclopean ruins just beyond the Mountains of Madness where they can hang out and eat the remains of Giant eyeless penguins and Elder Thing Corpses"... and as you can see, Skinner took the amazing sculpt from Jay and gave it a flurry of rainbow goodness... which really plays of the intricacies in the sculpt! This creepy creature sits much larger than the previous releases at 7" tall by 5" wide, and it comes bagged with a custom header card and features a seriously great sculpt by Jay222 where it was then painted up by Skinner... oh, and a fordable backdrop that really sets the scene! There will be only 10 of these ever made, and they are set to drop on Monday, April 30th at Noon PST via Skinner's online store HERE for just $125! These will be in high demand, so pull the trigger on this, because once the others drop... and you miss this one, you will be kicking yourself for sure!

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