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"Irezumi Girls" papercraft set by Dolly Oblong

UK based artist Dolly Oblong just gave us the heads up on a collab she did with Dubai based creative studio Robot and Spark... where they plan on releasing their next resin figures (bottom image above) titled the "Irezumi Girls" in November at their BRING YOUR NEMESIS exhibition. Each toy is 16" tall, made from resin and hand painted. In the words of Robot and Spark: "They are four super-sexy, super-dangerous, superhero style vixens with tons of style and attitude. They are covered in tattoos that have been designed from famous artists and designers from all over the world." To promote the release at the Middle East Film & Comic Con (which was the past weekend) Dolly made mini paper versions (that you see in the top image) of all 4 girls: "Lipstick", "Vegas", "Suicide" and "Tequila". Together they are the Paper Irezumi Girls! To also give people outside of Dubai a chance of snatching up paper Irezumi, they are available now via Dolly's online shop HERE for only 5 euros each until May 3rd.

Source [Dolly Oblong Press]

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