Plaseebo revisits Humpty Dumpty with "HD-2"

Last week we posted up a cryptic teaser from Bob Conge of Plaseebo HERE, and speculated that this new figure called "HD-2" was a possible collab... well we were right as Bob teamed up with Todd Robertson and William Long to create this monstrosity for an upcoming show titled "Bits"! Bob goes on to explain that "HD-2" is actually short for Humpty Dumpty 2 or Reanimated!
"In April Todd and Will sent me a grab bag of bits and pieces from their studio in Boston to use in building a figure for the "BITS" show at Lot F Gallery. I was hesitant at first as it felt like having someone else pick out the colors you could paint with. But the idea grew on me and I could not resist the opportunity to work with those wonderful vacuum tubes. My original thought was to use everything they sent to me in one large figure. However as I began sketching, HD2 showed himself to me and I could not resist bringing him back from the dead."
Bob always does such a great job mashing up his characters and creating such amazing abominations... and this Michelin Man bodied creation is one of Bob's creepiest yet! "Bits" opens on Friday May 4th, 2012 at Lot F Gallery... and be prepared for many more amazing pieces of work from these 3 to be surfacing very soon!

Lot F Gallery
145 Pearl Street, #4,
Boston MA

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