OhNo!Doom Present "A Walk Through The Dark"… macabre, strange, bizarre art!

The always fun OhNo!Doom turns frightful as they embrace macabre, strange and bizarre art for their upcoming "A Walk Through The Dark" group show. The exhibit will showcase the works of seven contemporary artists known for their own dark visions: Jonathan Bergeron, Stephanie Brown, EGO, Steven Fiche, Ben Lyon, Scarecrowoven and Scott Shellhamer. Low Dive Brewery have created special beers for the event, DJ Paisley Babylon of turntabling.net will be pumping some tunes, and the famed Duck N Roll Dood Truck will be present.

"A Walk Through the Dark: Artworks of the Macabre, Strange and Bizarre" opens on April 13th and runs thought May 10th at OhNo!Doom Gallery, 1800 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647.

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