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Kidrobot's next Dunny is designed by… Banksy!?!

Kidrobot appears to making serious waves with their 'special edition' Dunny releases… First there was the Chauskaskis designed "Birro the Clown," then the recently announced "Arlequine" by Koralie, and now an as-yet-untitled one by UK street artist Banksy!

Yesterday, a literal chimpanzee dressed as postal worker showed up on my front door, handing me a strange envelope before departing. Inside the envelope was a cassette tape which, when I found an old school tape deck to play it upon, contained a digitally manipulated voice claiming to be Banksy. I was further informed that the artist had been secretly working with Kidrobot to produce a Dunny the likes of which we'd never seen before: made at a height of 4" rather than the normal 3", with the tall rabbit ears shifted to the sides of the head & reformed as perfect half-circles, and the head itself not quite as round, made more akin to a real face. But, best of all, it would be stark white, a statement in and upon itself. Dying for a picture? So were we! And, thankfully, Banksy provided a teaser into the package (as seen above)... Wow, simply wow. Groundbreaking, one might even say. Like nothing we've ever seen before. This will be a Dunny for the ages!

Please Note: Happy April Fool's Day! The above post is a joke and in no way reflects — to the best of our knowledge — anything that is actually occurring.

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