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FATAL's action figure mash-up of Toy Story & Star Wars!

We all remember those halcyon days when — as children — we first experimented… with customizing. C'mon, I think every kid has a moment when they realize they can remove a screw here or pop a head off there or whatever. In a sense, that's what FATAL has done here: kit-bashed some old toys together to create something new. The Buzz Lightyear (above) was made by taking the body of an R2D2 unit and affixing Stormtrooper arms & legs to it, then painting the result to match what he wanted.
Plus he's made some more copies of Lotso and Buddy, which we discussed HERE and HERE. Each of the figures is $75, but quantities are limited so interested parties should contact FATAL to reserve theirs as soon as possible: theadventuresoffatal [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk.

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