Commandante's custom Kidrobot Mascots are battle ready!

Damn, if those forces of evil don't look formidable. Earlier today we posted some of the Good Mascots from the upcoming "Battle of the Mascots," so now it's Evil's turn to shine. I don't know what these amazing looking custom Kidrobot Mascots by Commandante are supposed to be, but they invoke visions of Sauron from Lord of the Rings in my head… and they are fierce looking. That custom sculpted armor is insanely cool as are those Skelve-like skulls. The one-in-five chase variant has some great looking blood splatters and the transparent green hands are amazing.

"Battle of the Mascots" will be released on May 22nd as a set of 50 blind boxed customs, each costing $65. The Good Side is represented by Sekure D, Hugh Rose, AlexBreak, Fuller, and MatCanDraw, while the Evil Side consists of Don P, Commandante, Nikejerk, JFury, and JC Rivera.

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