Yosuke Ueno's "The Specific Illusion" at the Thinkspace Gallery!

If someone where to refer to Yosuke Ueno as the Japanese Salvador Dali, then I couldn't call them 100% wrong… Yosuke's strong manga influence is certainly tempered, to a degree, by his absurdist and surrealistic passions. He's returning for the third time to the Thinkspace Art Gallery in Culver City, California, but this time he's bringing what might be considered his most powerful work to date: pieces influenced by the aftermath of the Great Earthquake and Tsunami of last year in Japan. As you can see in some of his work-in-progress paintings below, there is a sadness to his characters but also a warmth of color that implies a brightness ahead.
"The Specific Illusion" has an opening reception with the artist on March 31st from 5 to 8PM and the show will be exhibited through April 21st at Thinkspace Art Gallery, 6009 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232.

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