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Shez's Mickey Mouse custom for the Play Imaginative x Disney show!

I've never been quiet about my personal distaste for the split, two-face design; I think it's rather trite and never quite looks 'right.' That said, I can completely forgive it in Shez's "Good Mickey Bad Mickey" custom for the Play Imaginative x Disney group Mickey Mouse show; probably because it is such a standard concept from those classic Walt Disney toons of my youth. And he does do a solid job of balancing the sides, making the elements that flow from one-half into the other more fluid… like the normal 'box' teeth on the right shifting into fanged 'triangles' on the left. Even the paint splatters and dirtiness of the right set it apart just right. Upon closer examination, you can tell that this whole piece was hand-painted with a brush:
Yes, alas, there are dried brush streaks on him. Not uncommon when hand-brushing, which is why so many use spray paint and/or airbrush to get cleaner results. Past this minor failing, Shez was wise in his choice of design; a lot of people have been sculpting and modifying the base platform, which makes the potential for a production run lower — just in case Play Imaginative does an artists series of the figure. While this figure might not be a home run, it is a solid hit; which, as always, makes me excited to see what the relative newcomer Shez will do next.

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