Polished "Black" resin mini-MAD*L from MAD

Riding high on the recent sell-out of his limited edition "Clear" mini-MAD*L resin figures, MAD isn't close to being done releasing these sweet resin mini's in fact, just today he posted up a picture of a brand new colorway - polished "Black"!!! He is putting the finishing touches on these and I am assuming that they are going to drop next week sometime! I do know that they will be limited to another 20 pieces, and I am assuming that that will retail for the same amount as before... but those details are not set in stone just yet! If you want the inside scoop on these mini resin MAD*L's... then I suggest you both keep checking his online store HERE as well as follow him on his new Twitter account HERE for up to date info! Best of luck to all that get one... and judging by the response and sell out of the clear, these are going to be gone in blink of an eye!

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