Stitches and Glue, Spring News!

Well seeing as we are already into the 4th month of 2012... the folks over at Stitches and Glue have taken a second to stop their frantic working and send over some info on some EPIC projects they have been working one... that being said, they tell us that they have had a number of 7" blank Munny's sitting on the shelf for a while, but the first box was cracked open and above is the result... the highly decorated "Wing Commander Wallis"... HOLY CRAP!!!

Can you believe how rad this figure is... and it's tough to believe that it's a Munny! Paul over at S&G says "He was a real labor of love and this one of piece, comes complete with its very own mahogany plinth inscribed with the caption 'Man's Quest for flight'." If you love this as much as I do, and have a little extra spending cash, head on over HERE now to pick it up!

Oh, and not to be outdone... they have also been working on yet another monster... and this curious cabbage cruncher called "Patch" is up for grabs in their online store HERE right now! Limited to just 3 pieces worldwide, he weighs in at a whopping 14" tall with an arm span of 30", is made from super soft blonde faux fur, with dark brown guard hairs comes hand casted and features painted sealed with protective lacquer resin parts, white and green casted claws with your a elasticated detachable cabbage leaf. The best part... he has a fully poseable head and arm armature... so you can put him in all kinds of positions!

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