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Motorbot's take on Super Mario Bros. for Vinyl Thoughts 2!

One of my daily joys is following Motorbot's Twitter feed, since — as many already know — the man is a crazy good toy making factory in and upon himself. And, of course, he posts tons of work-in-progress pics of the multitude of projects he simultaneously undertakes. And they are all amazing. Above is the latest pic he's posted from this series with many of the lead-up teases posted below.
***UPDATED*** My first thoughts were that these were for the upcoming video game themed  Vinyl Thoughts 2 group show… and Motorbot has confirmed it! Don't these just make you think of the Piranha Plants that you always had to cautiously avoid in Super Mario Bros.? And they should, since that's exactly what they are. An amazingly detailed sculpt job topped with a clean paint finish… damn, Motorbot is good.

Vinyl Thoughts 2 is a one-night show on Thursday, March 15th from 7PM until 11PM at The Quixotic World, 2824 Main St., Dallas, TX 75226.

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