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Hoakser's Dominant Species gets massive… with Leatherback!

Wires and tubes protruding from a zombie-like form, the head having been replaced with a spray paint cap… it is, of course, the newest installment in Hoakser's Dominant Species series. Named "Leatherback," this figure started life as a broken Hulk from one of Marvel's toy lines but the Birmingham-based graffiti artists saw more in that molded plastic: he saw the largest Dominant Species figure to date. Which is apropo considering this behemoth looks like he decapitated a fellow fatcap headed figure, for the "head" rests there at his feet.
If this fifth installment in Hoakser's Dominant Species series is your thing, then you are in luck! It is — right now — available for sale in the artist's eBay shop HERE for £89 (approx. $140).

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