AW177 x RAWRS's Golden Dragon Bistumo custom!

Four-and-a-half inches of smooth vinyl, seven points of articulation, and one hand-tied mawashi… it could only be a Bitsumo figure. Touted by Bitsumo creator Dai "RAWRS" Tran (also known as Daibot) as one of the first customs of the platform, the above picture is Allen "AW177" Wen's wonderfully detailed "Golden Dragon" one-off on the new "Lunar New Year" colorway. The hand-painted dragon tattoo in gold is superb looking, with every line placed just right and performed perfectly. This, as well as a "Yakuza Bitsumo" by Alex Shilin, will be available at the RAWRS online shop on April 2nd at 9PM EST; each custom will run you $150, which is really reasonable considering the figure alone goes for $65.

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