KFHC x Rampage Toys's Ugly Unicorn on KY Bluegrass Vinyl!

Nowhere in the world appears to be safe, as the kaiju creature called Ugly Unicorn stalks the earth once more… this time in the unsuspecting streets of Kentucky! That's right, the one-and-only Rampage Toys has collaborated with Louisville-based KFHC to produce an ultra-limited edition of the iconic beastie in KY Bluegrass Japanese vinyl (made to match your KY Bluegrass Greasebat!). There will only be 10 copies of the unpainted edition for $35 and 10 pieces in the numbered painted edition for $45, which were hand-decorated by Jon M. of Rampage Toys himself. Per the norm, these are 5"-tall vinyl figures with one point of articulation (at the waist)… but, in a sweet turn of events, these KY Bluegrass versions will also come with a limited edition screen print! Want them both? The pair set will be $75, saving you a couple of bucks. These will be available in the KFHC online store starting Saturday, March 31st at 12 Noon EST.

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