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Adam Greeley's "Sleepy Time Owl" custom Trikky baby shower gift!

Adam Greeley's "Sleepy Time Owl" was a gift he made for a baby shower; instead of just giving the standard baby supplies, he wanted to provide something more personal & memorable; and I'd say, hands down, he accomplished just that. I love the painting — varying between the sharp, simple lines and the more subtle, detail-oriented areas — is what really sets this Trikky custom off. And the removal of the arms to paint the wings on, which are cradling a baby owl, works perfectly here. This is something that, I'm sure, his friend's baby will continue to grow to enjoy in new ways as s/he ages; which, in the end, makes it one of the best gifts you can give.

We're not certain if Greeley is currently accepting customs commissions, but you can contact him HERE to inquire.

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