Shez's "Dunball Machine" brings the wow… and steals quarters!

When you first see The Dunball Machine, a custom Dunny piece by Shez (artist/designer alter ego of Bryan Bramley), it takes your breath away and makes you think: "Wow, that's cool as hell!" Which is good, since that was the artist's intent with the project. The finished result is a completely refurbished gumball machine filled with custom painted Dunnys.

Some of the above images started being leaked by Shez on his Twitter account, causing followers to contemplate what he was up to. Shez tells us that he actually had the gumball machine for a few years, collecting dust in a corner somewhere, before he noticed it afresh and the idea of a Dunball Machine was born. He sandblasted the traditional red paint from the machine and gave it a nice, clean white exterior and then painted eighteen 3" Dunnys in high gloss, gumball-esqe colors… as well as one "Golden Egg" Dunny.

And while the machine still accepts quarters, nothing comes out after your modest payment to the Dunball Machine; which, if anything, is my one complaint about the design. 'Cause let's be honest, how amazingly cool would it have been if gumballs still came out of the machine? Shez can be located on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE. He is currently accepting commissions, so interested parties can contact him at xshezx [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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