Paul Shih to unveil new character at Save & Destroy!

We sadly can't all travel to Spain… for, in March, will be the Save & Destroy art show. A massive exhibition of vinyl toys, illustrations and just about everything kaiju, the show will be the envy of many for one simple reason: Paul Shih's Sushi Kaiju will be there with a new, previously unseen buddy. That's a brand new character from Paul Shih, people!!! Maybe — if we're really nice — Shih will give us a sneak peak at the new guy…

Save & Destroy opens on March 5th at Estación Diseño, c/ Benjamin Franklin, 1, C.P. 18100 – Armilla (Granada, Spain). The artist line-up is: Creaturekebab, Hanzo, Javier Jiménez, Jorge Jiménez, Kepalakardus, Mapachillo, Matt Frank, Mias “The Rock” Johnson, Pakoto, Paul Shih, Randyotter, Ridd Sorensen, Shin Tanaka, SILO, Sprits, Tanoshiboy, Terelo, and Wuzone.

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