Doktor A's newest Mechtorian badge: 'Bella DeLamere' | Signed AP "Leprechaun" Humphrey Mooncalf's as well!

More Dok A. news... and why not?!?! After Doktor A's hugely successful run of the Mechtorian Humphrey Mooncalf badges, he follows it up with a new 1" character badge: the retrobotic Femme fetale 'Bella DeLamere'. This gorgeous antique brass fitting will be partly filled with green enamel, the first of four colorways Bella will be offered in. Limited to a mere 100 copies, each engraved with a unique number on the back, these babies are sure to go fast. Especially considering they are only $10 (£6) each. Miss DeLamere will be appearing in Doktor A's web shop on February 5th (GMT) at four different random times throughout the day.

Not enough for you? Also hitting his shop Sunday are 13 AP (Artist Proof) copies of the Tomenosuke Japanese exclusive "Leprechaun" Humphrey Mooncalf figure. Normally limited to 100 copies, these thirteen will stand out even more since they feature the good Doktor's signature on the inside of poor Humphrey's cranium. Priced at $135 (£85) each, these are a must add item to any Doktor A. fan's collection.

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