BASK x 1xRUN x OhNo!Doom want to give you free art!

To celebrate his upcoming solo art show "Scenic Riot" at OhNo!Doom, BASK has made a sweet deal with 1xRUN: He's made 50 original "Because Art Should Kill" paintings that 1xRUN will sell to you for free. No, you read that right… free; well, you do have to pay shipping still, but… c'mon! These 12" x 24" pieces will be shipped, directly from the artist, without any wrapping. As BASK explains, the "wear of travel during transit, will be an intentional effect on each one of a kind piece." The paintings drop on Thursday, March 1st at an undisclosed time.

BASK's "Scenic Riot" art show opens on March 10th and runs through April 10th at OhNo!Doom, 1800 N. Wilwaukee, Chicago, IL 60647. ohnodoom.com

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