Zukies Are Coming Out Of Their Shell...

That's right! Something is hatching and it's name is Zukie! These cute little creatures are hatching out of their shells and ready to be seen. Alison Perez aka Miss Zukie has created 2 separate sets of her loveable creatures. The first set called "Baby Zukies" are literally hatching out of a real egg shell. These little Baby Zukie Sets are 3"x3"x3" and made of sculpey. When I first saw these "Baby Zukies" I had to do a double take, trying to figure out how she got those little guys in there without breaking the entire shell. Very cool!

Her second set is called "Zukies World" which features the Zukies out and about exploring the world. Each of the Zukies in "Zukies World", are standing next to a tree, on top of some fake grass and comes in their own protective Baseball display case. My personal favorite is the yellow Baby Zukie. I love the color since it pops with the egg shell and I still cannot get over how cool it is that a real egg was used. There are only 3 of each set in assorted colors. You can pick up "Baby Zukies" HERE for $60 each. Or the "Zukies World" HERE for $60 each as well! Nice work Miss Zukie, and I can't wait to see what is next!

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