Are you ready for a surprise?

A new slayer is in town and it's first name isn't Buffy. "The Human Slayer" designed by Michael Skattum and Sculpted/Casted by Steven from Papagrim Toys is ready for release this coming February and the monster they created has a liking to any and all humans. The first release of "The Human Slayer" comes in at 5.5" tall and is cast in solid resin. Along with an articulated head and arms, one cool thing about this figure is that the head is completely removable and will reveal a hidden surprise. Although no one but Steven knows what is hidden under the head I am going to make a guess that it is going to be something sinister. Depending how successful this release is he also has plans to make this figure in bigger forms! I personally think a 2 foot Human Slayer would look amazing. This project is also going to be used to fund another project that Steven would like to do but in vinyl form! And if it's anything like "The Human Monster" I can't wait to see it. For more information on "The Human Slayer" please visit HERE.

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