SpankyStokes.com exclusive "Hot Pink" artist proof "Stroll" OMFG! Series 1 mini-figure... OUT NOW!

The time is finally here... what started out on the October Toys Forum, got some legs and made it onto Kickstarter, then after being over 100% funded in 10 days, OMFG! Series 1 was born. I was fortunate enough to have my SpankyStokes.com mascot "Stroll" be one of the 5 figures for this first series, and now you can snag up an exclusive "Hot Pink" Artist Proof version of this really rad figure that George Gaspar of October Toys sculpted! These are very limited... and once they are gone! You can find them HERE for just $5 each, and I also put up a 5-Pack option so if you want to collect him, paint up a few, or give him to your friends... you can save a little cash! Each will include a few SS.com stickers as well!

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