Skinner x Jay222 - H.P. Lovecraft "Figure-A-Month" release... "The Colour Out of Space"

What has been in the works for sometime now has finally come to fruition and artist Jay222 and Skinner have teamed up to blow some minds with a very special H.P. Lovecraft "Figure-A-Month" release. Skinner goes on to explain "I have loved Jay222 since I met him. He has a sweet spirit and sculpting skill I really like... I was talking to him at a show at Dragatomi and threw out the idea that I wanted to do a fun little mini run of H.P. Lovecraft figures and make them real limited and special. He was stoked and agreed! I sent him home with some weird Stuart Gordon adaptation films of Lovecraft stories... Sent him some sketches and he has been working hard ever since." Above is the result of their hard work!

They plan on releasing a figure a month for about 7-8 months and with each release there will be only 10 of each. The best part is, these two talented artists put their skills to work as Jay222 does all the sculpting, and then Skinner lays down all the color... a winning combination if you ask me! The first figure stands 5" tall by 5" wide, and is the amorphous gaseous evil called "The Colour Out of Space" which also comes with a little diorama and some tiny scaled down farmers, a kid and a protective dog, and each is bagged with a header card... Skinner tells us that it is one of his favorite stories by Lovecraft and with each release it should be a sort of educational introduction to the strangeness and depth of weird horror that Lovecraft is the father of. This will retail for $100 each and will be up for sale Monday, January 23rd, 2012 and can be ordered directly from Skinner via skimmerdog2003@yahoo.com. These will be in high demand, so pull the trigger on this first release, because one the others drop... and you miss this one, you will be kicking yourself for sure!

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