"Slime" GREAD's from Dead Hand Toys

If you have been following the Twitter stream of Brian A. aka LYSOL of Dead Hand Toys like I have, you have seen teasers of the above RAD looking "Gread" figures... and just announced today is the release of these... but it's not what you think! For this particular release, the figures will be made to order... that's right... you decide from a couple colors for the Gread, and several colors for the "slime"... AWESOME! The pre-orders for this go live HERE on Tuesday, January 31st at Noon EST, and they will be priced at just $20 each!!! This is a really cool thing that Brian is doing for all his fans, and I can;t wait to see the color combos that people come up with! I assume that Brian will limit the amount of sales for this, so if you plan on getting one made, do it right when the pre-sale goes live!

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