Ron English's "Fat Tony" vinyl figure... update!

Last week we posted a little info about an upcoming release from Ron English, and we told you we would follow up with another post when we got more info... well, we have that info... so here we go! Dubbed "Fat Tony" this awesome 9" tall vinyl figure, with articulated arms from English is by far my favorite figure from him to date, and based on a guerilla cereal box advertising campaign that Ron placed on some super market shelves a while back... they have made the leap from 2D to 3D! According to the press release "Introducing Fat Tony: A Ton of Tiger with a Short Shelf Life The 100% Nutrition-Free Vinyl Toy. Sugary cereals captured the hearts of Young America by giving away cheap toys made in China in every box. This prize at the bottom of the box actually ate the cereal. A delicious shortcut to attention deficit disorder!"

Above is the "OG" colorway which is limited to 500 pieces is set to retail for just $60, a great deal if you ask me... but does anyone else notice that the scarf around Tony's neck is orange and not red... I wonder if the above photo is the final product, if it is... that's a big mistake in my book as it looks like a skin-scarf, weird. Look for these to pop up in most all designer vinyl retail locations worldwide.

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