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FatCap and Lego rings... yes please!!!!

So... not only do the folks over at Scottish based Creo Design have their hands in designer toys, they also have been making some designer jewellery... and under the sub-compay known as Amalgam Jewellery via Shapeways, above is just a taste of things to come from them! Currently there is a cool 'nod' to the grandfather of all toys - Lego - with a super cool lego style ring as well as a super cool "FatCap" spray ring... really dope! These are all 3D printed, and made to order right now, and come in a range of Metals including: Silver & Polished Silver, Stainless Steel, Bronze & Antique Bronze, Gold and Polished Gold! More information on the materials, as well as the online shop to pick these up can be found HERE!

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