*REVIEW* ESC Toys "Moon Jumper" Wet-Suit Maria

When I made the trip to NYCC 2011 last year I hooked up with the man behind ESC Toys Erick Scarecrow and he very graciously handed over his newest (at that time) Wet-Suit Maria vinyl figure, and this particular version is the "Moon Jumper" colorway! Limited to only 50 pieces worldwide, this made it's first appearance during NYCC 2011 and was a HUGE hit amongst fans. The figure itself stands 6" tall and comes in a window box display that features art by Erick, where the figure itself sits in a blister tray for protection.

Now this is the 5th colorway of this particular figure and a few characteristics that set this apart from the others is the fantastic metallic color scheme. The bronze'ish colors and the silver'ish colors really pop and give meaning to why these are called the "Moon Jumper" edition! Oh, and although they don't look like they should stand or balance, they actually do a very great job at that! They retailed during the convention for $39.99, and there are actually a few left in stock HERE for $45... and by a few, I mean it! This whole figure line is recommended by me to pick up, as are all of Erick's products... quality all around. So do yourself a favor, watch the LIVE review above, and then pull the trigger on this rad figure HERE.

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