If Mango's and Marshmallow's were men... new resin figures from 'Robots and Cereals'

Philippine artist Eric Ella of 'Robots and Cereals' just announced the release of his first set of designer toys... "The Crazy Mango Man" and "The Abominable Marshmallow Man". These figures are part of their "POSBOT" line, which were sculpted and painted by Eric Michael Ella and Hanna Kristine Seguerra. The figures stand 3.5" tall, or 4" when displayed with base, and will be limited to 30 pieces each worldwide. Now when looking at these I can see some major influences going on... specifically in the paint job that is very similar to what you would see on most 3A figures. These figures are all hand cast, molded, hand painted, and boxed with care... and each toy comes with a sculpted bag, a half inch thick round black base and a 3.5" x 8" poster! All of this can be yours for just $60 each, excluding shipping cost. If you are interested in these figures you can contact them directly via robotsandcereals@yahoo.com or through their Facbook page HERE.

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