*RECAP* "WHAM BLAM BLAMO" a solo show featuring new works from Blamo Toys @ Toy Art Gallery

Just last night, all the stars aligned in perfect union to bring out all the freaks in their monkey suits... well, not really freaks, more like the collaborative art group known as Blamo Toys... and thanks to Toy Art Gallery, all of Blamo's amazing new works were on display for all to see! Upon entering the gallery, you were greeted with massive organically festive figures all around... and it's really what most have come to expect from the Blamo crew as they continue to push their ever expansive line of natural/found objects including cloth, fur, leather, wood, resin, and sculptures... a little bit of everything, making each piece truly unique in nature.

The show itself will be Jam-packed with people, all walking around completely in awe of the gallery space. One thing that stood out for me during the show where the massive canvases by Spencer, something we have not seen from Blamo in a long time, but he killed these... the colors, and patterns looks spectacular! There were exclusive colorways and editions of many piece we have seen in the past, as well as one-of-a-kind over-sized pieces, original artwork, special Blamo clothing, and much more including a MASSIVE TAG-exclusive 39" fiberglass "Billy" figure, which TAG owner Gino told us there were going to be different colorways released in the near future. Blamo's Mikie Graham, has put together a TAG-exclusive edition of his resin "Fuzzie the Bare" character... decked out in a Panda paint scheme! Also on hand was the a massively HUGE "Whooly" figure... which is the giant hand carved wooden piece... and along with the display of him, there was a making of video that showed the entire process... it was so fantastic to watch! This show is a must to see in person! “WHAM BLAM BLAMO” runs through January 28th. so be sure to check it out! The online preview is HERE, so you can snag up some pieces, and be sure to also hit the jump for more pictures from this event!

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood CA 90046.

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