Nathan Jurevicius x K. Olin Tribu - "Bunniguru" in Limoges porcelain

To start the year out right, the folks over at K. Olin Tribu are stoked to be releasing a brand new sculpture, and it's a definite doozie... a porcelain version of Nathan Jurevicius' "Bunniguru" figure! What was originally produced by the now defunct company Flying Cat in vinyl and released back in 2005, this now more elegant looking figure gets revitalized - if you will - in limited edition Limoges porcelain. For this upcoming release, each one is handmade, numbered and stands almost 8" tall, and will be limited to just 50 pieces worldwide!

As you can see from the very recent progress shots above, this figure has nothing but TLC put into each and everyone. That being said, they will set you back a pretty penny though, as they are retailing for around $293, but you get a true art sculpture... so if you have the cash... it would be an awesome addition to any collection! They are going to go up for pre-sale starting this Saturday, January 7th 2012 via the K. Olin Tribu website.

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