Toy Art Gallery presents: "WHAM BLAM BLAMO" a solo show featuring new works from Blamo Toys

What do you have going on this weekend... that's what I thought... so you need to get off yer butt's and head on down to Toy Art Gallery because they are hosting the folks over at Blamo Toys in their "WHAM BLAM BLAMO" solo show! So what can you come to expect from this show... a ton of new work that's what!!!! Including the ever expansive line of natural/found objects including cloth, fur, leather, wood, resin, and sculptures... a little bit of everything, making each piece truly unique in nature!

The show itself will be Jam-packed with special sneak peaks of new toys, exclusive colorways and editions, one-of-a-kind over-sized pieces, original artwork, special Blamo clothing, and much more. Blamo's Mikie Graham, has put together a TAG-exclusive edition of his resin "Fuzzie the Bare" character... and this go around he is pandatastic as you can see from the above photo! "Panda Bear Fuzzies" stand at 5" tall, and is limited to just 6 pieces. Also on hand will be a massively HUGE "Whooly" figure... which is the giant hand carved wooden piece that you see in the snaps above... RAD! This show is not to be missed... I know I will be in attendance, and hope to see you there as well! “WHAM BLAM BLAMO” opens Saturday, January 7th, 2012 from 7pm-11pm and runs through January 28th.

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood CA 90046.

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