Kikkake X RAMPAGE "Zou-chan" Collaboration #2

Aftet the small, but really well received collaboration that Jon M. of Rampage Toys did HERE with Kikkake (Kotaki-san) this past November, Kikkake and Jon started talking about doing a larger batch of his little Elephant toys, and a few Bears as well! So here are the particulars... 10 custom painted Elepahants are going to be available for $25 in the "Starburst Clan Zouchan" colorway, there will also be 10 blank Elephants for $20 each, as well as 10 Bears where each person can choose ONE - either painted for $25 or blank for $20. They will be in the Rampage Toys webshop HERE early Friday morning, and because of limited stock I would suggest you get there and stock up! More pictures can be found HERE.

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