Kaws “Partners” statue... ummmm

Here we go... 2012, a new year, new beginnings, and some fresh new figures... but not from Kaws. Medicom has once again teamed up with Kaws to release yet another designer toy and this, unfortunately like the majority of his releases in 2011, proves to be very disappointing. It's a play on the classic Walt Disney and Mickey mouse sculpture (to the left) found at the entrance of every Disney park, but instead of Kaws and his Companion holding hands, it almost seems like Kaws is showing the public his strong hand and is ready, or already has, beat up the Companion figure as it cowers in the corner. So... the only thing I like about this is how the medium in plastic, yet the paint job on it appears to make it metal... a great effect, other than that, I am not impressed with this, just like the majority of his pieces, but I am sure it will sell out. ToyQube has these up for pre-order HERE right now for $225... are you going to get one?

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