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Jon-Paul Kaiser x Toy2R - "Captain Sturnbrau" figure sets sail upon the seven seas!!!

Ahoy mateys... it seems like it was just yesterday that we were posting up teaser images of Jon-Paul Kaiser's "Captain Sturnbrau" pirate themed Qee figure from Toy2R, and now the time has finally come, this epic new piece is set to rock the boat... in more ways than one! "Captain Sturnbrau" who is part of the 'Tales of the Whispering Corsair' series is the third release next to his crew, Olaf the Mute 8" Qee Bear and Nathaniel Vigo, the 5" Mini Qee Mon, but unlike those two figure... Captain Sturnbrau takes the 5" Mini Qee platform to new heights featuring a completely new head sculpt, arms (one with a hook) and even a peg leg to capture Jon-Paul's complete vision of this cutthroat pirate... just look at that piece, it's bad ass!!! This amazing looking designer vinyl figure is available now HERE for pre-order, and will be at art toy boutiques worldwide with a price of just $40 each... a steal if you ask me! The steps that Toy2R took to produce this is a great thing to see... and makes me wonder what else they have up their sleeves, and hopefully we don't get sent to Davy Jones' Locker before they release more amazing figures!

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