"Isamu Tora" & "Amanojaku" series from ArtMyMind

Whoa... the art duo Guillaume and Julia Lachambre aka ArtMyMind from France have been really busy and have a couple new things to share with us today... and it's really been ages since we have seen much from them, so these customs are most definitely welcome! First up is a variant of their original 'Amanojaku' series, and it's an edition of 5 Dunnys... all of which measure 3" tall and will retail HERE today Monday at 8pm GMT for just $80 each! I love how sinister these look, and you gotta love how clean they are... amazing work as always!

Up next is a seriously amazing custom King Katch figure titled "Isamu Tora". It stands 9" tall, was crafted with acrylics, fabrics, and polymer clay and will be available HERE this Monday at 9pm GMT! How bitchen is this custom?!?! I am in love with it, and I really dig the added tattoo details along with the additional sculpted elements and fabric... it totally transforms this piece into an all new figure, yet keeping the OG look of King Katch... really amazing!

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