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A HUGE teaser hidden by Angry Woebots...

WOAH!!!! So if this is true, it's going to be pretty epic... but right now it's merely just my speculation. So most of you know that a portion of the AOS (Army of Sniper's) crew just got back from an over month long humanitarian art project that sent them around the globe, and their last stop was the Philippines. Well, I was browsing through some photos from their trip and noticed something VERY revealing. In the above picture, there are a ton of people posing for the camera, including Ritzy Periwinkle, J★RYU, and Angry Woebots... now, there is nothing to peculiar about that, but upon inspecting the photo a little closer I noticed something BIG... do you see it?!?! There appears to be one of Angry Woebots "Panda King" (OG posted to the left) crowns being held up in the back, and it looks life sized... AWESOME RIGHT?!?! But wait... that's not all, if you look directly over Aaron aka Angry Woebots head, just peaking over... it looks like a GIANT "Panda King" head... HOLY CRAP! Now, none of this has been confirmed... but I can only imagine the demand for this, and it's gotta be at least 4' tall to tower over that crowd... fiberglass? most likely! Who's gonna produce it? So many questions :-) So what do you all think about this, and is this something that you would love for your collection? Want more... hit the jump for a closer look at that GIANT crown!

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