"DayDreaming in a WinterWonderland" custom Dunny series by ClarkR

Each and every time I get an email from artist ClarkR I literally get a sense of excitment to see what he has come up with next... and above is that "next" I am talking about... BEAUTIFUL! We have seen multiple variations of this half semi-transparent figure head that involves a diorama of sorts... and honestly it never gets old, especially know the amount of time and effort put into each and every one of his figures! This now sold out edition of 5 figures titled "DayDreaming in a WinterWonderland" features stunning metallic red flake body with a custom super-micro-mini sculpted 'Dunny snowman' inside the head, along with a snowy pine tree! ClarkR does some super clean work, and he also documents his entire process... so go check out his Flickr HERE. Amazing work as always man, and thanks for sharing!

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