"all CATS" custom Dunny series... WINNING!!!

Like cats? Like custom Dunny's? Well... you are in luck because Tim Munz and the rest of the 'Most Wanted' crew have put together a little fundraiser sale to help raise money to benefit a kitty that was recently rescued by Timself, who had some crazy emergency vet bills! It's an all cat themed 3" Dunny series titled "all CATS" (kind of like "all caps" hence the "cats" in all caps, lol). Only 7 artists, 6 of which are doing one each, and Tim is doing 5 different designs. They have the talents such as: RunDMB, Betso, Igor Ventura, Map-Map, Matucha, Luihz Unreal, and Tim Munz on board.

The series itself will drop in a week or so, but right now they are selling small prints exclusively made for this series. Pause designed them, and Tim printed them by hand. Each print comes with a raffle ticket that will give you an opportunity to win either a free blind box from the series, or a very rare wood version of the print. They also added two "extra WINS!" which means they stamped two raffle tix with instant wins. They will be for one of two custom 3" dunnys from surprise guest artists. Even if you win the raffle, you can still win the extra prizes :) Keep on the lookout for the Dunny drop very soon, but until then, snag a print HERE. Also, more info can be found HERE.

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