"We Become Monsters" by Christopher Moore

Check out this new line of resin monsters called "We Become Monsters" created by artist Christopher Moore who not only comes up with he concept but also designs, sculpts, paints, and hand cast them in polyurethane resin and cold cast bronze... and above you can see some of his creations! You have your pick from "Skelechub", "Skelefella", "Footlie", and "Stumple" all of which vary in price from $18 to $95 before shipping. All paint schemes are unique, with the exception of the "Green Hell" Skelechub, which has 2 units available... DIY blanks will also be available in small quantities. All figures measure roughly 3" tall and in my opinion look really great... love me some monsters! Head on over HERE now and snag up a few for your growing resin collection!

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