Custom "Weathered" Android series from Mr. Munk

Introducing the first series of custom 3" Android figures by Mr. Munk! At just $45 each, these heavily weathered and detailed pieces are lovingly crafted in Munk's signature style. Mr. Munk takes his time with each and every custom, which is evident in the detailed and layered color effects. Munk uses production paints like Monster Kolor sometimes, but more often mixes his own pigments to create, from scratch, the paint he will use for each custom. In this way, no two Mr. Munk customs, or even colors, will ever be exactly the same. The layered, weathered, heavily-worked style is one he's been developing for over a decade, painting on panels and canvas, and just like the majority of customs we have seen from Munk in the past, these turned out fantastic! All of these, plus many more customs from Mr. Munk are available HERE right now via the Tenacious Toys online shop... go snag em up!

Source[Tenacious Toys Press]

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