"The Dead Kings" custom Dunny series by J.C. Rivera

Check out the latest custom set by artist J.C. Rivera dubbed "The Dead Kings"!!! This fantastic series of 10 customized 3" Dunny's and 1 8" Dunny turned out stellar... and you can just see the amount of time and attention put into each and every one... Gotta love J.C.'s style and the theme of the "Dead Kings" is so great! "The Dead Kings are a bunch of Kings that united their power to destroy One Powerful King. They all died during the battle. The battle continued after death." These are going up for sale on his online store HERE, TOMORROW, Wednesday, December 19th 2011, at 7pm CST... oh, and he also has some seriously cool acrylic paintings dropping as well... so don;t miss out on the goods!!!

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