UMETOYS is giving stuf away... for FREE!!!!

It’s time to spill the beans. To celebrate our first year standing at the Thought Bubble Comic Convention for the weekend (November 19 – 20 ) Richard Page of UMETOYS is pleased to announce the "Win a bunch of crap from UMETOYS competition 2011". If you’d like to get hands on a bunch of goodies from em' it couldn’t be easier. If you are coming to con just pop over and say hello – look for the UMETOYS sign and the hairy bloke in the middle of this photo. The fill in your contact details (on the forms they'll provide) and they’ll enter you into the prize draw and the winner will be announced online Monday 21st Nov. But what if you can’t get up to Leeds? Worry not, all you online chums can join in the fun and have a stab at winning the 2nd bunch of UMETOYS crap. If you’d like a chance of winning the cyber prize, just follow Rich via twitter @umetoys and @elmos_empire and tweet out ‘want to win #UMETOYS stuff’. Again a winner will picked on Monday 21st.

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