TLS x Sam Flores - Life Sized fiberglass Kid Dragon

It was just a matter of time, and what has been in the works for what seems like ages... the folks over at The Loyal Subjects are proud to announce the release of Sam Flores 'Large Format' KID DRAGON... and what a MASSIVE undertaking it is!!!! Standing just under FIVE FEET TALL, the Large Format fiberglass Kid Dragon is the perfect companion piece to an already huge Flores library of work... and how sweet would that thing look next to your 10" tall vinyl art collectibles! The fiberglass piece comes in three parts allowing the collector to arrange how they see fit! The 'Orange' Kid Dragon edition (pictured above) is limited to TEN pieces, and with each one you receive a certificate of authenticity! The Kid Dragon will retail for $6,000 and if you are interested... hit up TLS via sales@theloyalsubjects.com! I personally wish I could get one of these, and I am envious of those who get one... what an epic piece! Oh, and will there be alternate colorways... time will tell!

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