Zombie Monkie post D-Con wrap up!

With October long gone and D-Con officially over Mikie Graham is finally getting a chance to wrap up a few of his ongoing projects! As many of you know, this October saw the release of 30 different pairs of custom Playmobil zombies that Mikie dubbed the "Zombie Art Project" or Z.A.P. for short. Although a majority of the series has been snatched up by eager collectors, there are still a few special pairs left for sale. Mikie has been kind enough to put together this "Z.A.P. Wrap" image that gives a quick and concise overview of which zombies have sold, and which gruesome pairs are still available HERE now!

With D-Con over Mikie is excited to announce that the remainder of his unsold exclusive Chochinobake figures are now available through his web store HERE, and this is especially great for those of you who couldn't make it to Pasadena for DCon but wanted to get your hands on this awesome Glow in the Dark figure! Oh, and with these two longtime projects coming to a close, Mikie is excited to be getting on to new projects.... what's next for our old friend? Well he is busy curating the 3rd annual Blamo Custom toy show this coming Thursday the 17th and he is working on some new custom goodies for the holiday season. So if you're interested in keeping up to date with Mikie's toy work, make sure to follow him on twitter @zombiemonkie!

Source[Zombiemonkie Press]

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