"Synthec Probes" wave 1 - Custom Dunny series by NERVISWR3K

Gabe R. aka NERVISWR3K has just completed a whole new series of custom Dunny's and in true NERVISWR3K fashion... he created some awesome looking monsters! This series is titled "Synthec Probes" wave 1, there are 12 figures in the series which will come blindbagged and sold as is. These shape-shifting reptilian body snatchers from Planet Nibiru have a surprise for all that buy on as there will be a silver mini figure in one of the packages which would act like a golden ticket... meaning, if you find that figure... you win a custom Munny from Gabe... AWESOME!!!! These are dropping within the next few days, and the price is set at $100 a pop... and believe me... these are well worth it, full of detail and will have a header card with artwork by Gabe and aspiring artist Gavin Rivas, his 14 year old son! What a cool series, and honestly if you have not seen Gabe's work in person you are missing out, some of the best out there! Hit the jump for more photos and stay tuned for launch info!

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